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Brilliant Glow products for fun and profit.

Parties, celebrations, concerts, dances, pubs, you name it. Any function is brighter, and more fun with quality glow products from Gloweez. Manufactured in the ONLY ISO 9001 Certified factory in China, Gloweez are the sole distributors for Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania.

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Key Benefits

bullet Large Selection
bullet High Quality
bullet Brighter and Longer Lasting

Pricing (click image to enlarge)

Description SKU #
Glow Necklace in foil pouch        42062
22" Tri-Glow Necklace 50 bulk pack in tube 41063
8" Glow Bracelet (2 per pouch)  44062
3" Cord Glow Pendant Necklace 51062
Glow Mouth Piece (Vampire glow) 56062
Glowing Dangle Earrings 52062
Goofy Glow Spectacles 55062