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ISO 9002 SGS Certified

Gloweez distributes the ONLY ISO 9002 Certified light sticks in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania and our factory is the ONLY ISO 9002 Certified in all of Asia Pacific!

July, 2005

Do NOT be lulled by cheap imitations. Other distributors who cannot supply Gloweez quality may sometimes attempt to win business by mere price wars. BUYER BEWARE!

What may appear to be a low price may in fact COST you more than it saves. Gloweez Commercial Light Sticks are the ONLY ISO 9002 certified sticks available in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania. We are not suggesting that tuna and broadbill swim up to your line, carefully check the light stick for ISO certification and only then swallow the bait. But what we can say is that Gloweez sticks are the highest quality sticks manufactured anywhere on Planet Earth. They have the longest shelf life, the brightest and most persistent colours, and they glow longer and more vividly than any low-cost imitation. Our patented one-piece construction means your light sticks stays put and glows longer and brighter than any other stick anywhere. 

If you buy an inferior stick in the hope of saving money, consider this: you only have to catch one fewer Big-eye because your inferior stick comes off the line, or stops glowing, or is too dim, and you have lost all your "perceived savings" plus thousands more. If you are tempted to save 1/2 cent by buying an inferior product, please phone us and for special pricing. We are confident that your results will speak for themselves. We have never spoken to a single skipper who has not preferred genuine Gloweez light sticks to any other brand.

How fresh is your stock? Beware. Some competitors buy low-cost, low quality sticks and ship from inferior factories in China. You may be buying a stick that was manufactured more than 8 months ago. It may or may not glow when you need it. We have seen cases and cases where the inferior stick either won't glow or stops glowing or detaches from the line.

In contrast, Gloweez buy more than 800,000 sticks per shipment. We turn over our inventory more than 10 times each year. This ensures you are buying the freshest sticks, highest quality and best light stick available at ANY price.

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