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1½ Million Sticks in Stock

Strong Aussie Dollar plus 1½ Million-stick inventory ensure the lowest prices ever!!!

21 January 2005

Gloweez is serious about providing all our customers with the best prices, quality and service. We pledge to ALWAYS have full stock of all your needs.

In line with the strong Australian Dollar, and the largest volume in our history, Gloweez now stocks over 1½ MILLION light sticks. We have ample quantities of every colour and we are ready to deliver anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and the Americas. Please phone or email about special prices for high-volume purchases.

None of us need to be reminded about the high cost of petroleum and the impact it has on business. Just look at what we pay at the petrol bowser compared to two years ago. The price of a barrel of oil (thanks mostly to George Bush and his Middle-East War) is more than double what it was two years ago. Petrochemicals account for 99% of the raw materials of light sticks--both the outer tube and the glowing chemicals. So prices have necessarily risen at the source, however our increased efficiencies here in Australia and our huge inventory helps to keep price fluctuations at a minimum.  Never forget our pledge to deliver the highest quality stick at the best price available. And contrary to the way the petrol companies do with our automobile fuel, we will IMMEDIATELY reduce prices in Australia the minute our costs at the factory come down if fuel ever does fall below $35 per barrel again. We thank you for your understanding and support.

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